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My maternity photography started by accident. The idea of photographing a he heavily pregnant woman with her partner was at first unusual for me and unappealing for her. But I was persuaded to by a friend, since when this has become a significant part of what I do.

As I said before, the common denominator and common theme in everything I do is “art” – and there is often nothing more artistic then the shape and emotions of an expectant mother.

Most of these shoots are from women at least 6 months pregnant and done with their partners – in the desert, on the beach or even in a studio. What I love capturing is the interaction between the couple – between each other and their unborn baby. With the right angles and lighting, the results can be spectacular. And the ultimate memory for your future child.


What is birth photography?


When we look back at the single most important moment in our lives, most of us come back to the same moment: the birth of our child. Which is why I always found it so strange that this is also the one moment that is spectacularly badly captured in terms of photography. After my third child was born, and for the third time my husband shot blurred images of the new one from an old phone, I decided I would take matters into my own hands and focus on birth photography.

And it is just that – professional photography of the hours leading up to, the actual moment, and the immediate hours after giving birth. My job is to capture your raw emotions, those of your closest ones who are present, and of course those incredible first moments that your new child is born.

Let’s face it – both you and your husband will have a lot going on at that time, and that is why the photographs always end up taking a back seat.

In my experience – and I have done shoots at both City Hospital and the American Hospital – this has been the most exhilarating photography I have undertaken.



Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly do you take pictures of, and from what time?

I usually arrive at the hospital around 3 hours before the actual birth, and shoot the entire build up, actual birth and for a few hours after. I know predicting the exact time of birth is not easy but most women contact me once they are in labour, and I make sure I am there well ahead of time!


Are these staged pictures?

No, none are. I aim to capture the mood and for most of the time you will not notice I am there.


Who can be in the pictures?
Everyone who is in the room, including the key medical staff.


Do we need permission from the hospital?

Yes – I have worked with City Hospital and American Hospital. But you will need clearance from any hospital first.


How many pictures do I get?

I take several hundred pictures but present them in a video format accompanied by music. You will get 75 high res pictures, usually after one week.


What if there are pictures taken that  I feel are too intimate?

These are your pictures, you can choose which to keep or not.


When do I need to book?

At least a month before birth, so that I can be on standby in case of any early delivery.


Do we need to meet before?

Yes it is important we become comfortable with each other – we will be spending quite a bit of time together.


How much does it cost?

I charge a fixed price of AED3000 – this includes all the hours spent at the hospital, and delivering 75 high res pictures. Some births can take much longer than others but the price is fixed. I won’t charge you for being in labour longer than planned!

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